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Honda Dies When I Give it Gas

I was driving home today and within .8 mile from my house I noticed my Honda Civic HX engine would try to die when I depressed the gas pedal. It happened suddenly and seemed to get worse as I proceeded to my house.

It stalled once going into my driveway but with difficulty I managed to start it back up and get into my driveway. Later I tried starting the car and it will not start and seems like the engine is not firing at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Howdy Wilbur,

Your email kinda sounds like the engine was starving for fuel. If the engine wont start now, you are missing one of the key ingredients .spark, fuel and compression. You can have someone bang on the bottom of the fuel tank with their fist or rubber hammer AS you crank the engine over. This can sometimes jump start a weak fuel pump. If you have fuel, then check for spark at the spark plugs.

Open the hood and make sure everything looks like it is connected properly, ignition coil wire, distributor cap and spark plug wires are all in tact and nothing seems to have come loose or is hanging.

Compression if the timing belt broke the engine will sound funny, and will spin over faster than normal because the timing belt is not turning any of the internal engine parts. The timing belt should be replaced at 60k usually check your owners manual.

Austin Davis


Thank you for taking the time to help me diagnose my Honda engine problem. It finally boiled down to fouled plugs. I have never had an engine come to a complete halt in such a manner, but that is what happened.

Again thank you for your reply and help.


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