Honda Overheated and Smokes out Tailpipe

I have a 93 honda prelude with 97 accord F22b1 vtec motor. I was driving from work and at the light it started to get hot and then idle funny, then it blew out white smoke and shut off… it wouldnt restart till hours later, eventually i got it started and drove the rest of the way home.

I had a compression test done and all the clyinders had about 140-175 lbs of pressure… this amount lead us to believe it was not the head but the block, maybe a cracked sleeve, will that block sealant in a can work for the sleeve problem, if that even is the case. now with radiator cap off and cranking over causes it to spit out of the radiator.


when the smoke clears

Hello Derek,

Yes, the K&W Block Sealer will seal the block as well as a head gasket leak.

To get white smoke, from an internal coolant leak you need

1. Coolant loss so your radiator should have been low on coolant

2. Some avenue for the coolant to enter the cylinder to be compressed and burned

So it passed the compression test that s good, but you really need a cooling system pressure test, that will check for coolant leaks externally and internally. Get that done before you do anything else. If you have coolant burping out the radiator, that is not good, that is usually a sign of a head gasket or valve problem. You should also check to see if there is water in the oil, it will look like a chocolate milkshake if you do.

If you still suspect an internal leak, and you want to try the sealer additive, I have had the best luck using it like this:

1. Drain out all coolant from the radiator and block as you can

2. Add full can of sealer and water to radiator

3. Drive vehicle for 500 or more miles

4. Drain out the sealer/water mix and reinstall coolant in radiator.

5. Pray!

You will NOT have coolant or antifreeze protection during this time!!

Keep me posted.


Austin C. Davis

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