How Do I Repair Air Bags?

How can i fix SRS bags in my Volvo 2.0T



Howdy Robert,

Honestly………look in your phone book or ask your local mechanic who they recommend using for mobile air bag service. We started subbing out our srs airbag work a few years ago to a mobile company that comes to our shop and does the repairs……and takes all the liability!

You really have to have a hand scanner tool to be able to read the codes, do the repair and reset the computer info to clear the codes. It was more costly for us to keep the scanner software up to date, keep the mechanic up to date, take the liability etc. than to call the mobile service. Since most SRS work is related to a wreck, we were getting paid by an auto insurance company, and there is not much profit working for an auto insurance company estimate.

Most car insurance carriers (in TX at least) will only pay a 25% mark up on parts, and will pay that same 25% mark up on all sublet work, so why not make a phone call, let someone else do the work for you and you profit 25% on what you pay them!


Austin Davis

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