How Much R12 Freon


I am replacing my air conditioner compressor, evaporator, condenser and drier. How much Freon and compressor oil should I add to the system?


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I don’t have a 77 manual for your car, but in my 79 manual it says to use about 6.5 oz of compressor oil in the compressor (Mineral Oil) and I would add about 1 oz of oil to each of your components…drier, evap, condenser for a total of 9.5 oz of oil charge.

It will hold about 5, 12 oz cans of R12 Freon in the system.

For a total of 60 oz of R12 = 3.75 pounds X 16 OZ=60 OZ divided by 12 oz can = 5 cans of 12 oz R12


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