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How not to have issue with your car insurance.

Reader question:

My husband and I are getting a new policy after having had one for years with another company. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten new insurance, so I want to make sure we keep everything in mind. How do I avoid problems?


By keeping yourself covered, Cindy.

Making sure that you have no problems with your auto insurance coverage is as easy as just remembering that you have it, and why. It isn’t difficult to keep track of, and since it’s protecting one of the most important things in your life–your transportation–it’s kind of had to forget.

First of all, make sure all drivers for your cars are covered. Even if your son has his own car and only uses yours or dad’s when he wants to impress a girl, put him on insurance for that car anyway. If your sister-in-law borrows the car a lot, put her on too.

Don’t miss your payments. That sounds easy, because it is. Most insurance companies offer such a wide variety of payment options that it’s not even funny. If you get your policy canceled for non-payment, it isn’t as easy to get it renewed or find another company that will take you. You might end up having to pay much higher rates because you let your payments go with the company with more reasonable prices.

Keep your head on straight when making a claim. If you know what’s up with your car and can document what you know, that can save you a load of hassle.

Be interested in our policy. Check every year to make sure your agency has up-to-date information and that your rates are based on now and not before.


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