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How to Adjust Headlights

Have you ever been blinded by the glare of the headlights of another car? or you may have noticed that the lights in your own car does not illuminate the road right in front. Are other drivers constantly ask you to “change lights”? If so, something is wrong. Poor alignment of the headlights could be dangerous because it can cause an accident. The following steps will help you make a correct alignment of the headlights of your car.

Remove any excess weight you have in the trunk . Check the tires i they have the correct pressure

Park the car in front of a wall at a distance of 3 to 5 meters . Directs the headlights into the wall. Make sure the pavement is smooth

Turn on the lights . Do not put your high beams. Mark on the wall and a horizontal line down the center of the headlights taped by two “+” on the wall. This mark should go where the light is more concentrated in the wall.

Place a level (to those used by masons) between the two brands to see if they are partners . If couples are not using a tape measure to know how much you have to raise or lower each of the headlights. The marks on the wall should be no more than a meter above the floor.

Adjusts the position of the headlights . With the lights off, open the hood of the car and located a few screws on the sides and top of the lights (inside the chest). Usually, there is a screw up the lighthouse to fit vertically on one side and another to fit horizontally. In some cars rather than screws may be bolts.
Normally, you should turn the screw up in the sense of clockwise to raise the lighthouse and against clockwise to decrease. Side screws are adjusted similarly. Once you adjust the headlights, turn lights and make sure they are directed slightly below the marks on the wall. This will ensure that the lights are too high not to blind other drivers.

Do a test driving your car at night to make sure the lights have been well . If necessary, make an adjustment by repeating the above steps.

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