How to Change Front Wheel Bearings

How do I change the front wheel bearing in a Lexus?

Hey Jack,

I replaced the front wheel bearing on my car. The bearing is pressed into the hub with a large hydraulic press. The tire/wheel and brake rotor comes off, then remove the spindle. Once you have the spindle off the vehicle, you then press the old bearing out of the hub and press the new bearing in, then reinstall all the other parts.

I must say, that rarely is there a problem with these bearings, they are sealed and do not require servicing. If you hear a noise, I would HIGHLY suggest you either rotate the tires, or replace the front tires if they have ANY high spots or worn spots on them. 95% of the time a rough tire is the cause of a noise people suspect is a bad bearing. So .rule out the possibility of a rough/worn tire first.


Austin C. Davis

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