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How to Change Spark Plugs

Spark plugs need to be in good condition for more efficient combustion engine, which translates into more power and less pollution. Learn how to change spark plugs in your car or motorcycle with this guide.

  • Find the location for the spark plugs in the engine . The location can be found by following the wires leading to the spark plugs.
  • Write down on paper where each wire goes . The order with these cables is very important and if there are more than a spark plug, as in the case of an eight-cylinder engine, you mistake where each wire goes.
  • Disconnect the cables.
  • Clean the area around the spark plug before removing . Any particle of dust around the connector might fall into the cylinder when you remove the spark plug. This could cause wear of the cylinder.
  • Put the key to the spark plug appropriate to its size and rotates counterclockwise clockwise to loosen . They may be a little hard at first.
  • Check the electrode at the tip of the spark plug . Czech part of the plug that goes into the engine. In this part there is sort of like a laminitic “c”. That is the electrode. Check if there is coal in the internal space of the same. If it is greasy, the rings may be worn. If you tan, then it is working properly.
  • Make sure the spark plug replacement is the same size as the old spark plug .
  • Check the electrode gap for new spark plugs . Each engine has its specification about the size you should have the internal space of the “c” of the electrode. There are for sale devices which measure the space.
  • Manually insert new spark plugs . Make sure that the thread entered correctly. If you do not try to squeeze it stuck to the force, certainly not well off.
  • Tighten the spark plug with the tool . You must tighten according to torque specifications manual engine repairs. But just to give them a reglar handshake is enough.
  • Place the cables in the right places . Should come not so easy to become loose.
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