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How to Cool an Overheated Engine

Whether you’re a man or a woman, knowing how to cool an overheated engine can become a very important skill in your life if you have a driver’s license. Being able to diagnose and fix your own problem you avoid having to rely on strangers, which can be potentially dangerous, or having to hire a trailer or a mechanical expert to assist you with your problem.

Do not panic, evaluates what is happening to your vehicle.

If you notice white clouds coming from your engine, not smoke, but it’s steam from an overheated engine.
Usually an engine overheats when the car does not get enough coolant in the effort to cool itself. This can be very frequent if you drive usually stopping a lot, which is called “stop and go driving.”

Try to solve the issue for yourself if you realize that your engine is overheating .
Turn off your air conditioning and down the car windows.
Bring traffic to your vehicle and put to one side of the road or take it to a parking lot.
If the car is not too hot, turn off the car and lift the hood of the car. If the hood is very warm to the touch or if you see steam coming out of it, then we recommend that you wait until the hood to cool before opening.

Let the engine cool completely before touching or opening the radiator cap of water. This cooling process can take up to an hour.

Check your coolant reservoir when the engine has cooled and you can touch it. Turn the lid slowly and note the amount of fluid and coolant radiator. Add a dash of coolant or water, or perhaps both the radiator as you feel is necessary. The mixture of coolant / water should have a ratio of 50/50.
Put the radiator cap back into place and check all hoses for any loss or breakage.

Try to restart your car while watching the temperature on the dashboard . Turn off the vehicle immediately if the needle marks the red area. Try again after a few minutes.

Seek help from a mechanic if you still have problems of overheating and the correct level of coolant in the radiator.

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