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How to Drive in Fog

Fog is a meteorological phenomenon typical of autumn and winter can be very annoying when we get behind the wheel. With fog, visibility is greatly restricted and the road is wet, so that driving in this state is even more dangerous to do at night or in rain conditions to which we are more accustomed.

When driving a vehicle in winter should be aware that we must increase security measures. In addition to the car insurance the day we see that our car is in perfect condition. Check the headlights, taillights and fog, the tire pressure or carry security triangles and reflective vests can save us life.

When there is fog will take the car only when absolutely necessary. If the fog surprises along the way we focus on the road to avoid anything that might distract us. If visibility is very low is recommended to stop the vehicle at a rest area or gas station.

The main thing is to see and be seen. For that we turn the low beam and fog lamps. We will have to reduce speed to be comfortable, but will not set below the minimum, as we run the risk that we ram another vehicle from behind.

The road sign will help us to anticipate the moves you will ever make, so we are very attentive to warnings of possible bends or constrictions on the road. It is also advisable to turn off the radio, to be more attentive to the sound signals may have come from the road, like the sound of a truck or the whistle of a vehicle.

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