How to Find the Source of Car Noises


Howdy! Thanks for the auto insurance quote (they actually saved me a little bit of money!). My question is as follows. I bought a used Nissan Frontier about three weeks ago and I’ve only recently noticed a little ‘squeak’ sound every so often when I hit certain bumps or when the terrain is a little rough.

I have absolutley no idea where to begin looking for the sound since I only hear it when the car is in motion and I can’t exactly tell if it’s in the front or back, only on the left. Where should I begin looking? Thank you so much!!!


Howdy back K!

These types of noises can be hard to locate! I would start with the shocks, push down on the front fenders and the rear bumper a few times to get the vehicle to bounce up and down. You might want to do this with the hood open if you can keep it open without it falling on you. Sometimes the rubber mounts that hold the shocks and struts to the body of the vehicle will deteriorate and cause a noise or rattle.

I would also inspect:

  • The front end and steering linkages for wear or looseness
  • The front brake calipers for looseness or missing “anti rattle clips” that might have come off the brake pads
  • Spare tire installation or anything else that might be loose under the vehicle like the muffler or exhaust system hangers
  • The hood for proper fit and snugness – is the hood loose?
  • Tightness of front and rear bumpers

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