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How to Preserve Your Car During Storage

If you are going to store your car for a month or longer, it’s important that you prevent unnecessary repairs and damage from occurring.

1. Top off the gas tank to reduce/prevent condensation from being able to accumulate in the gas tank. Add a fuel stabilizer, then drive around the block to distribute it through the engine components.

2. To protect the car wash and wax before storing.

3. Place a 4-mil polyethylene drop cloth on the floor to act as a vapor barrier.

4. Disengage your parking brake to aid in reducing corrosion.

5. Put your car on jack stands. This will take off weight of the wheels and tires.

6. Disconnect and remove the battery. You can place the battery on a trickle charger, or you can periodically drain the battery, with a small light bulb, and then use a low volt charger to recharge it.

7. Use a rag to plug the tailpipe to prevent moist air.

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