How To Repair A Vacuum Leak

Reader Question

Hey there, I read a post you wrote to another customer of yours awhile back and you told him that his engine miss problem could be due to a vacuum leak somewhere under the hood of his car.

I did look into that after you mentioned it and I DO hear a hissing noise, but how do I find the vacuum leak to repair it?

Decker T.

Hi there Decker,

Yes, trying to find the source of the vacuum leak can be tricky. I usually start with a stethoscope and try to listen around the engine until I can find the source. If you have tried that with no luck, you can use a can of WD40 (which is flammable and dangerous) to slightly spray the vacuum hoses and potential gasket leak spots. You will hear and feel the engine RPM increase when it sucks in the WD40

Here is a video with more info and suggestions for finding vacuum leaks in your engine.

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