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How to save gas part II

Here’s some advice for improving your fuel economy. Some people may just be willing to roll over and give in to the terrible gas prices we have these days, but the truth is staying conscious of what your doing and driving especially to save fuel can help you save a lot of money. Here are some tips.

  • Plan your trips well and try to cut down on the amount of time you spend in traffic. Sitting in traffic wastes gas an doesn’t get you anywhere, so why bother if you can avoid it? Try looking for different routes using your navigation system or free online services like Google Maps. Tune into the traffic update station.
  • Control your speed so that you go along with the cars around you and don’t have to hit the brakes so much. Hitting the brakes wastes more gas than just gliding along.
  • If the situation allows it, use cruise control. Smooth driving wastes less gas.
  • Keep your car light. Being overloaded with features and cargo creates drag, which will in turn cut down on your fuel economy.
  • Don’t leave stuff that you don’t need in your car for days on end. Having too much unnecessary equipment in your vehicle adds to the mass, and cars with greater mass need more gas.
  • Make sure your vehicle is kept up with. Change your filter, your oil, make sure your tires are inflated enough. Tires that aren’t inflated enough could take away a whole 10% of your fuel economy. And bad oil does its work, too. I had a car that took twenty dollars to fill, and when I let it go without an oil change, that number jumped up to thirty five.

Paying attention to such small details as these can save you a lot of money and, aside from that, keep your vehicle in better health. Not only that, but it’s a lot better than the advice you might normally get, which intends to involve driving less or not at all. It’s true that since gas prices have been rising so rapidly, Americans are staying off the road more than before, but considering that driving is such an important part of life, this isn’t necessary. To don’t have to change your whole life up to save some money.


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