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How to save gas

Fuel prices are constantly rising. Everytime I go to fill my tank, I watch the two little screens, depressed. The numbers in the price box fly past at a much higher rate than the numbers in the gallon box. By the time you’ve maxed out your credit card, and especially if you have a bigger, gas guzzling type of car which seems to be so popular, you’ve only filled your tank up half way. With rising car insurance costs and just car costs in general, how do you deal with this? What are the secrets to a good fuel economy?

One of the best ways to solve this problem is also one of the most frustrating, and while it may seem to be a safe option, it can actually be pretty dangerous. Driving at slower speeds on highways can extend your miles per gallon rate by as much as twenty mpg. However, driving slowly is not the reason people tend to get on the freeways in the first place, and being the car going turtle speed can be a risk when all of the other big, heavy vehicles are whipping past you.

Putting bigger and wider tires on your car can also drop down your fuel mileage, because it adds more mass to your car and bigger cars require more fuel to get around. Smaller tires are more likely to keep you at a more likeable mile per gallon rate. The same goes for adding roof racks to your truck or SUV. It also destroys your fuel economy when you use lift kits for your truck or SUV. The cars are put at the height they are by the manufacturer because that is the height with the best fuel economy that allows for the safest handling. Lower can be better.


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