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How to Start a Car Sitting for Years

I have a Mercedes 190 E that has been sitting outside on the driveway for more that 3 years. I had changed the oil and filter just before. what should i do to get this car running. It is a stick shift. 4 forward and 1 reverse. thank you kindly.

Love and Peace June


Hey there June,

3 years is a long time to sit up….and I have a feeling it will not just start right up. usually when cars like this come to my shop we have to do the following

1. Install a new battery
2. Remove the gas tank, flush out the old fuel and install new fuel
3. Remove the spark plugs and add a small amount of oil into the cylinders so no damage occurs when we try to start the engine. crank the engine over once or twice then install new spark plugs
4. Crank the engine over and pray that it starts
5. Check all under hood fluids and remove the wheels to inspect the brakes
6. Test drive the vehicle

It is not uncommon to spend 1 full day of work to get to step 6, which can mean $800-1000


Austin Davis

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