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How To Test Ignition Coils

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I need a little help if you don’t mind.  I’m attempting to test my coil packs.  I found a site that told me what ohms they should read on the primary and secondary sides.  But, I’m not very smart with a voltage meter.  When I’m testing them… where do I touch the red and black wires of the tester… and what ohm setting do I put it on for each side?

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It’s really not a good way to test a coil even the best mechanics can get false positives that way. We usually just install a known good coil to prove it or you can use a spark tester plugged into the end of the spark plug boot and watch the spark with the engine running.

But even that can be difficult. It’s the strength and timing of the spark that is important. New coils are cheap so I would just buy one and try it out.


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