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How To Test The Electric Window Motor In Your Car

Reader Question Hello I was wondering if you know much about car windows I have a Chevy Monte Carlo that the drivers window will go down but wont always go back up and I was wondering if it could be the window lift motor and if you knew how hard they are to put in. Thanks Donald


Hey there Donald

To check for a bad window motor, with the key in the ON position and the driver door open….watch the interior dome light as you push the switch to the up position. If the dome light dims when you push the switch, you probably have a bad window motor. If nothing changes with the dome light brightness, you probably have a bad switch.

If you push the switch to the up position and you hear something inside the door……you might have a linkage problem. Removing these factory installed window motors is not easy, they are riveted together and it takes some doing to get the old motor out of the door frame. We have a glass company come out and install our window motors most of the time to save time.


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