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Hybrid cars and auto insurance.

Reader question:

I’m driving a hybrid car. Can I expect any perks in my auto insurance coverage?


Maybe so.

Hybrid cars are a fantastic invention. Not only are they gas-savers, they’re great for the environment, quiet, and comfy. Driving a hybrid car is usually a sign that you’re an individual conscious of the world around you. So good job on that. Those are just a few of the general perks that come with driving a hybrid car.

But you asked about car insurance, so let’s look at that. It’s true that people love hybrid cars, but like any new technology, insurance companies can’t be blamed for being a little wary. Since hybrids are so expensive, it’s likely you’re already getting charged crazy rates for your insurance, and just about any kind of cut in price would help out.

Discounts on car insurance for hybrids isn’t a widespread thing, at the moment, though, but it looks like that in Pennsylvania drivers of hybrid cars might start being eligible for a special discount on their premium.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has approved filing from three companies in the past few months (Geico, Farmers, and Travelers) to offer a discount on car insurance for drivers of hybrids. The head of the department claims to be delighted that car insurance companies are offering incentives for people to buy hybrid cars.

Although Pennsylvania might be one of the few states seeing this right now, it indicates that the idea has come up and will probably spread to other states in the future.


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