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I Want To Buy A Used Car With a Diesel Engine

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Hi, i am seeking in the very near future to purchase a diesel powered automobile. However is has over 100000 miles on it and i am concerned about reliability. Now, i know the vehicle well and it pulls strong and once it reaches operating temperature, absolutely no smoke what so ever comes from the exhaust. A little is seen from cold starts but disappears in about 30 seconds. The engine is a Nissan cd17. Its sort of loud on cold starts but again, once it heats up it much better. What do you think i should do? The car is in pristine condition and diesel is way cheaper than petrol where im from. To top that im getting it at a really good price.

Hey there, I am not really a diesel mechanic and I would personally need to look the vehicle over first before I could tell you anything about this vehicle and weather or not you should purchase it. I personally have another mechanic look over my vehicles before I buy a used vehicle. A second pair of trained eyes will save you a lot of time, trouble and money in the long run. I would pull off the wheels and look at the brakes, take a compression test and do a general inspection of the entire vehicle.

You can find a mechanic in the US to do this for about $150, which to me is money well spent.
Austin Davis

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