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If you get in a rollover

Even taking the advice for a rollover, there are still situations that may come up that you might not be able to avoid. Severe weather conditions might change your ability to control what your vehicle is doing, or you might be affected by the negative participation from another vehicle. It’s also completely possibly that, once you’re already in a rollover situation, you panic and lose your nerve despite knowing that you shouldn’t, react incorrectly, and commence to roll over. So how do you keep yourself protected if you do get in this kind of situation? After all, going through the car insurance claim process is a hassle enough. You don’t want to have an injury on your hands, and especially not a death.

The primary advice I would give is to make sure you and all of your passengers are wearing your seatbelts. This may seem like an obvious bit of advice, but it needs to be stated, because it is not often followed, especially with kids. The main reason people die or are injured as a result of a rollover is because they are thrown from their seat and sometimes out of the car entirely. This can be prevented most of the time just by buckling up. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, those buckled up are 75% less likely than those who aren’t to be killed in a rollover. Pretty scary.

Another bit of advice is to watch what you have in your car and make sure that heavy things or really anything that could be dangerous if it got some speed and wind behind it, is secured well enough to stay that way in the instance of a crash. Unsecured items can become projectiles if you lose control of your car, and these can cause many injuries.’

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