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IN Auto Insurance Companies

IN auto insurance companies offer policies from all of the major United States carriers. However, rates for the same coverage can vary considerably from one insurance company to the next. The following explanation can help you understand why it is so important to shop around to make sure you choose the best company and the best policy.

Insurance companies use several financial factors to determine what they will charge you for your policy. Some of these variables relate to you and your history but some are unique to the insurance company’s own financial and operative situation. That is the primary reason that you really need to shop several IN auto insurance companies before signing on the dotted line.

Insurance rates are determined using a pooling concept. Drivers are pooled into risk groups using your demographic data and history. Then your insurance company sets premiums for your risk group based on the claims experience of the entire group. If your insurance company has experienced higher-than-average claims for a particular risk group, your insurance premiums will probably be higher than they would with other IN auto insurance companies.

To establish individual premiums for policyholders within the risk pool, IN insurance companies rely on actuaries (professionals skilled in the application of mathematics to financial problems) to estimate the number of future claims for the group and the cost of those claims. Then the insurance company must add the cost to administer these claims and cover their other operating expenses, as well as turn a profit for their business. All of this information is combined with further data about each individual’s personal profile, the amount of coverage they purchased, and their deductibles. After this exhaustive process, the insurance company is able to quote individual premiums.

The insurance company pools the money collected in premiums from your risk group. As claims are filed by policy holders within this group, this money is used to pay benefits according to each individual’s policy previsions and the circumstances of that particular accident. Some policy holders will receive insurance benefits totaling far more money than they have ever paid to the insurance company; therefore, the insurance company counts on many, many policyholders paying premiums into the pool and never making claims.

This explanation shows you not only why it is important to get quotes from several IN auto insurance companies before choosing a policy, but also that you need to re-shop every two years or so. Personal changes in your life can change your risk group that you’re pooled with, and your insurance company’s claims paid and operating expenses will determine if they can quote cheaper or higher than other companies. Shop wisely, and shop often.

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