Cheapest Car Insurance

I get asked at least once a day from my reader base "who has the cheapest car insurance and how can I get it?" Honestly I do not know who really does BUT what I can tell you (and them) is that I personally switched to Liberty Mutual a few months back and it saved me a lot of money by doing so.

I used my own quote system to do it, entered my zip code in the form below and got a list of local agents and companies and started comparing rates. It works, and recommend you do it as well.

Some common discounts can be given for:

1. Are you a member of a credit union? If not, see about joining one. They also offer great rates on auto loans as well.

2. Can you combine other insurance together, like home or renters insurance along with your auto?

3. Can you improve your credit score? Although not really a discount, a bad credit score will cause your rates to be higher due to perceived "risk".

4. Are you an alumni at a large college? Liberty Mutual gave me a discount just for that.

5. Buying online, and paying in advance seems to get you a discount at Geico and Progressive and probably others.

6. Are you a student, and do you have good grades? Ask for a discount.

7. Have you been claim free for 7 years or more, make sure they know about that.

8. Can you compare rates right now? The form above will show you a list of companies that are offering big discounts in your area.

In the video below I am talking about how a higher deductible can help you get a better rate on car insurance coverage.

the cheapest car insurance quotes

Austin C Davis
The Honest Mechanic