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Jeep Will Not Start Sometimes

I need help with a Jeep Wrangler, will start sometimes, sometimes not. Changed starter, no help, battery checks good, ignition switch seems to be working. Can start with screwdriver to starter???? help???
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Hi There Linda,

When you turn the key to start and the headlights and other accessories go OUT then you have a bad battery cable connection. If the lights dim low, you could either have a bad battery or a bad starter motor…or a problem with the wiring to the starter, although that is rare.

If the headlights stay nice and bright AS you crank the key to the start position, you might have a bad neutral safety switch on the transmission or you could have an alarm problem or ignition switch or wiring problem.

I always start this diagnosis with cleaning the battery cables, making sure they are TIGHT, you should not be able to move them on the battery with your bare hands. Then I do an standard electrical test

1. Load test battery
2. Check starter voltage draw
3. Check powers and grounds to starter motor

Here is more on the subject
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Austin Davis

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