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Keeping a clean driving record and cheap car insurance

Here’s how to keep your driving record clean. It might be as easy as driving safely, but we all know that sometimes the world isn’t perfect. You’re probably going to speed, so you might as well do so in a reasonable and responsible way that keeps you out of trouble. You also want to be responsible with your driving record so that you know what car insurance companies are seeing when they look into your history to decide how much to charge you for your policy.

Keep your car looking nice. Cars that have something wrong with them attract more attention. If you have a missing light bulb, a taped up window, or your license plate is barely hanging on, police are more likely to pay attention to you. Spending a few bucks to keep your vehicle in good shape could save you a bunch of headache in the future.

Think about the car your driving and its color. A flashy red sports car is just screaming for cops to stay on its tail in case you go a couple of miles over the speed limit. The stereotype associated with drivers of these kinds of cars is that their speed demons, so you’re more likely to be suspect. Driving a lower profile car or with a less noticeable color, you’re more likely to go under the radar.

Know how to follow the crowd. There are some cases when speeding isn’t going to get you squat from cops, because everybody else is already doing that. If they guy that just zipped past you is going 80 in a 50 mph zone, and the guy coming fast up behind you is doing 68, you’re probably not going to get in any trouble for going sixty. Watch the movement of traffic around you, and if you’re going to go more than what the number on the sign says, make sure that there’s somebody going faster.


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