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Kia Rio, Without ISG in the U.S., for now

Kia has just delayed in U.S. incorporating its start-stop system in the new Rio model units until at least the second quarter. The reason? They say that the evidence that has made ​​the media has led Kia to“adjust” technology ISG ( “Idle Stop and Go” ) used to stop the internal combustion engine when the river to stop and start it going again.

Apparently, some testers complained of shocks that produced the system to become operational, and those responsible for the South Korean brand did not think for a moment: freezing time to market and get something better before the street not satisfy the customers.

The same paralysis affects the Kia Soul , which rides the same system ISG , but by the time the mark has given explanations about why a behavior so hard at the time to stop and start the engine. Nor has transcended how it will solve the problem. Interestingly, the Kia cee’d has ISG since 2009 without major problems.

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