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Kia Sedona Mini Van Brake Noise

I have a Kia Sedona. I just recently had my front rotors and brake pads replaced. Also at the same time I had drivers side axle replaced and pass. side strut replaced for thudding and knocking noises, which I still hear, Anyway.

My brakes are still squealing loudly and the dealership cant figure out why. Can u please advise me. Thanks Amanda

Hi Amanda!

Since you have already replaced the rotors and the pads…and used genuine KIA parts, I would try installing another set of pads, you might have a defect NEW set. The knocking noise could be coming from worn strut mount bushings located at the top of the strut under the hood, or from a broken/worn motor or transmission mount.

You should ask the dealership if they inspected these items, and if they will replace the new pads under warranty to see if that solves the problem with the brake noise. I am assuming the noise has been confirmed as to coming from the front brakes and not the rear? Noises are hard to pinpoint, it could be coming from the rear brakes.

You can slowly apply the emergency brake (while pulling up on the release handle) while driving 30MPH or so in a vacant parking lot. The emergency brake only uses the rear brakes, so if the noise is present….the rear brakes are the culprit.

Austin Davis

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