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Knowing what your car insurance company sees on your driving record

A lot of people don’t realize that knowing what’s on their driving record can be just as important as knowing what’s on their credit report. Many people who are trying to build or improve their credit will be watching it anxiously, looking at it faithfully everytime they are able to, but never paying the slightest bit of attention to what their driving record says. But the truth is that it is just as possible for there to be things on your driving record that have nothing to do with just as it is for there to be mistakes on your credit report. And, just like credit report mistakes, mistakes on your driving record can cause you a lot of headache and cost you a lot of money…and be fixed very cheaply.

The first step to take is to get a copy of your driving record. This costs about five dollars through the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state, and it will basically list any violations, especially moving ones, that you have committed over a certain amount of year that varies from state to state. This is what your car insurance company will be looking at when thinking of giving you a policy.

You’ll be able to find out from your record how many bad points you’ve gathered with your DMV, and how close or how far away you are from getting your license suspended. If your report isn’t accurate, then you need to call the DMV up and work towards getting the mistakes off of your report, because a simple slip-up could cost you tons on car insurance. At the same time, you can see how many moving violations on there you have, and sometimes you can get a couple dropped off by taking a defensive driving course. And those course usually come on DVDs available from your local video rental store, so they are very easy and inexpensive to take, and could save you a lot.


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