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Lighter Plug for Phone Charger Won’t Work

Hi Austin,

The 12V cell phone charger on my dash board does not work. Not sure where to buy a cheap one. Is it called lighter element or cigarette lighter?. I hope I can I fix this my self, but can’t any manual for this. Your help is appreciated.


Hi Ganesh

Check all the fuses first, not sure if there is a separate fuse for it, but there might be. Can you place the cigarette lighter element (the part you push in to warm up and take out to light up your cigarette) and test the receptacle? You should rule out the probability of a bad cell phone charger first. If the charger works in another car, and the fuses are good .you probably do have a bad cigarette lighter receptacle or the cigarette lighter assembly . The element is the part you take out to light your cigarette. Best, thing would be to pay your mechanic $20 to replace it for you, I don t know of a manual that will show it .and the manual probably would cost $20 anyway.

Austin Davis

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