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Limited Use Auto Insurance Quotes

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Why do people have to insure cars trucks etc. when they aren’t driving them?

I have 3 vehicles (yes I need all three) and I pay insurance on them even when I can only drive 1 at a time.



Hey Albert, they do offer “limited use” car insurance, which will give you a substantial price break because you are not driving these vehicles very often. You still want them insured for theft, vandalism, fire, and other acts of nature even when they are just sitting in the garage.

You only have to insure them if you have a lien against them….meaning you still owe money on them, if you own them 100%…you dont need to have insurance in force…except it will be illegal to drive on public roads without it.

I think comparison market offers the best rates……in my opinion anyway. Get a free no obligation quote from them from my site. make sure you tell them you dont drive these vehicles very much and want a limited use discount. Also tell them you keep these garage kept (if that is a true statement, it will lower your rates)

Limited Use Auto Insurance Quotes

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