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Low cost car insurance in California.

Reader Question:

I live in California and, like everybody knows, the living expenses are high out there. I’m saving up money to go through school right now, so it’s hard enough just getting my bills and my car note paid, and then I have to pay insurance because it’s required by law. I’ve never gotten in a wreck or got pulled over, so the insurance just seems kind of unnecessary. Is there anything I can do?


Actually, Ally, there is.

A lot of people are in your position or have been there. You’re a good driver, so while you have insurance, you’ve never used it, and the cost per month is killing your checkbook. But there is something you can do. Besides a simple good driver discount, the state of California recognizes that a lot of people in the lower income brackets have trouble finding and keeping affordable car insurance, so in 1999 a program called CLCA, the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program, was instituted.

The CLCA was created to provide a more affordable choice to those in certain income brackets. It’s not available all over the state, but is available in several counties. The insurance is provided through most of the big insurance companies, who partner with the state to lower the rates. For more information about where it’s available and how to sign up, you can call 1-866-602-8861.

The requirements, besides income, are that the driver needing the insurance be at least 19, have had a driver’s license for the entire period of the last three years, have a good driving record, and the insurance must be on a vehicle that is valued at less than $20,000. The highest income for one person to be eligible for the program is $25,525; for two people it’s $34,225; for four, it’s $51,625; and for eight it’s $86,425.

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