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Low Fuel Light Won’t Turn Off

I own a Honda Accord V6 My gas light will not turn off after one day going for gas and filling the tank. What could the problem be? Thanks Victor

Hey Victor,

That is probably a problem inside the fuel tank. The electric fuel pump and the fuel sending unit (tells the dash gauge how low on fuel you are) are both located inside the fuel tank. I would suspect a problem with the sending unit. I can t remember for sure, but I think you have a fuel tank access door under the back seat.

Once you take the back seat out there is a panel you can remove to access the fuel pump and sending unit. You might want to call the Honda parts department and ask them how much is a sending unit, tell them the problem you are having, and ask them if you can access the pump via the inside the car.

The parts department is usually much more inclined to help the DIY than the service department. They also know which parts fail the most, so there might be something else more common for this problem that I am not aware of. Those parts guys get commission on the parts they sell .not the labor they sell, so they tend to work with you in person more than the service people will.

I bet if you visit the part department in person they would give you a print out of the location of the sending unit so you can replace it yourself. If there is no access from under the rear seat and they say the fuel tank must come out of the car, I would not advice you doing it yourself unless you are absolutely comfortable with the job. Its heavy, dangerous and very hard to do working on your back on the ground.


Austin Davis

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