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Low Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuates

Hello Sir ,

I own a Ford Mustang 3.8L with a Manual Transmission,

I am having 2 problems that I can’t seem to identify.

The first problem I’m having is that when I start to drive everything is fine the needle stays in the center of the oil pressure gauge,
but after about 15 mins of driving, when I prepare to come to a stop and down shift, the needle on the oil pressure gauge starts to fluctuate.
When I come to a complete stop the oil pressure gauge takes a nose dive to show no oil pressure at all. When I start to drive again the pressure
returns to normal and stays normal while up shifting the gears.

I’ve Recently had the oil changed, and have checked the oil level. I’ve replaced the the oil sensing unit. What could be the problem?

The Second issue that I am having is that the odometer has stopped, I had the clutched replaced and it was functioning perfectly prior to that.
I returned to the auto shop where they had done the work and questioned them about the issue, they checked it out and they stated that
all the cables were connected correctly. They did not go back into the transmission to recheck all of the cables. Could they have not reconnected the cable that controls the odometer?

Hi there,

I would have the mechanic check your oil pressure with a manual screw on hand held gauge at the engine. You could have a dash gauge problem or you could actually have an oil pump issue or restriction at the oil pump causing low oil pressure.

If the speedometer is working….the cables are hooked up properly, and the odometer issue is probably due to a dashboard “speedometer head” internal problem. You might want to call a few junk yards and buy a used instrument cluster to replace the speedometer head with a used one.


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