Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Changing your oil, rotating tires and checking all the fluids in your vehicle can go a long way to preserving your car. Many maintenance tasks can be performed in your garage or driveway and save you money by not having to visit the mechanic. For your convenience we have included free maintenance schedules for your reference.

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Maintenance Schedules

Less Than 65,000 miles

More than 65,000 miles

Articles on Maintenance

Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls – Find out how these two things can save you money on your next repair bill.

Extended Auto Warranty – Part of maintenance is protecting yourself from major repairs.

How to Select a Repair Shop – Tips on what to look for and how to select the best shop to fix your car.

Road Trip Checklist – What you should do before leaving on a family vacation.

Used Japanese Engines – Article about buying used Japanese engines.

Auto Tune Up – Getting the best deal on a repair job.

Service Engine Soon Light – Advice to get the best service from your mechanic when servicing your vehicle.

Junk Yard Parts – Our opinion on buying used parts.

Just For Fun – A quick comparison between men and women, using the innocent oil change as an example.

Cheap Oil Change – Find out how to get the best service from your mechanic

Tire Pressure – All about tire pressures.

Transmission Shops – Probably the least understood system in your car. Learn how to save money on your next transmission repair.

How to find an honest mechanic – Learn what to expect from a dealer mechanic and how to get what you want.

Brake Fluid Flush – When do you need to change your brake fluid and why.

Rear Main Seal – Learn how it works and why it leaks.

Valve Cover Leaks – Find out why that valve cover leaks and what you can do to fix it.

Leased Car Maintenance – What are you responsible for on your car lease?

Should I buy a new car – Do you know what to look for?

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    Hi I need help ASAP, today as I was driving with my baby the gas throttle went loose on me. What can I do to fix it and if I have to go to a mechanic is it going to cost me alot?