Making Sure Warranty Claim Isn’t Denied

So you got a great car and you did everything right. You got yourself a good price, and you also scored a great interest rate on your auto loan. You even got a long lasting extended warranty to protect your car while you’re paying it off and beyond. But what do you do when something happens to the car and you have to use that warranty? It’s very important to do the right thing so you don’t get your claim denied.

  • Don’t repair your car and then ask about it later. You have to get it authorized first. Some warranties will let this slide, but don’t risk it. A lot of people have had their warranty claims denied just because they got their car repaired first. Sure, you may be on hold all day long trying to call it in, but it’s a 1-800 number, so it least it doesn’t cost anything, right?
  • The extended warranty company may ask to inspect your car before they can authorize the repairs. Let them have at it. If they don’t look your car over first to make sure there isn’t anything that was already wrong with it, then your claim may not go through later on.
  • When you buy a new car, they give you a maintenance guide that will tell you when you need an oil change and so on. If you don’t follow this guide, then you can say goodbye to getting your warranty deal.
  • Don’t act stupid. If your car is overheated and you keep driving, that will mess it up even more. Think they can’t tell? They can, and they won’t cover you if you caused some of the damage.
  • Maintain your car. If you aren’t paying attention and then something goes wrong, it is seen as your own fault.
  • Know what’s wrong with your car. If it is something that isn’t covered by your warrant, but they authorize your claim and fix the car and it turns out that it wasn’t part of the warranty, you’ll be the one who’s paying.
  • If the car has a salvaged title, you don’t get the warranty that should come with that. Because of this, always use the VIN number to check the vehicle history report before you get a car.
  • If you use aftermarket parts to fix your car instead of the parts from the factory, they will not cover it.
  • If you get a used car and add the warranty to it, and then they figure out that the problem you’re claiming was already with the car when you bought it, you will not be covered.


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