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Maxima Losing Power While Driving

Hi There,

My Maxima keeps losing power while driving and all the dash lights flash on (ABS,brake, airbag etc) and the car then ultimately comes to a stop. After turning off the engine and restarting it drives well for a while (sometimes even a day) befor the problem comes back. It happens mostly while driving at higher speeds and more in the morning.

Any ideas on where the problem may lie ?



Hey Michael

I m afraid you got me there. If the battery was dead when the engine dies, I would suspect a bad alternator, but you did not mention that. I suppose there could be an internal charging problem in the alternator like a bad diode or voltage regulator, but that is just a guess. It has to be something drastic, bad computer or faulty ground wire? Would need to catch it in the act while I was running some tests to be for sure.


Austin C. Davis

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