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Mazda Engine Oil Leak

Good morning

I have a oily watery drip about the size of a 16 oz can lid.

My oil level is fine and my water level is lowering but not critical. Mazda has not overheated and oil pressure is normal.

My question is should I try an additive first or go to the shop and have head gasket replaced (my guess) and all the other things you do while doing that.

Thank you,



Hey there Larry,

This is probably just a simple external oil leak somewhere. I would either get your mechanic to inspect the engine for leaks, or if you want to do it yourself, get a few cans of CRC Brakekleen at your local auto parts store and spray off any oily areas on the engine and find the leak yourself.

Its non flammable and drys instantly. You might have to clean the area that is oily then drive the car around the block to locate the source of the leak.

Austin Davis

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