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Mechanic Forgot to Put in Oil After Oil Change

I got my oil changed last night.. and as I was driving away the oil light came on and then my whole engine died… the owner came to check on it and the mechanic had forgot to put oil in my car! They have said they will fix the problem but I was just wondering is the whole engine shot? What would you do in this situation?
Thank you


Hello Connie,

I have seen this happen twice, and both times the engine was toast. How do you know if the engine is damaged? If you hear anything knocking or clicking inside the engine area with the hood up and engine running, smoke out the tailpipe, lack of power or sluggishness etc. etc. I would be HIGHLY suspect of internal engine damage.

You could have gotten lucky since the computer system shut the engine down once it realized there was no oil pressure. Fill the engine with oil and take it for a test drive and see what happens. At any rate, the mechanic is liable, and hopefully will either call his insurance company and file a claim or pay for the repairs out of his own pocket.

Austin Davis

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