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Medical car insurance coverage vs. health insurance.

Reader question:

I already have health insurance, so do I need to consider getting medical coverage in my car insurance policy, too?


Probably not, but it depends.

For a lot of people who don’t have health insurance, adding a medical payments coverage to their auto insurance policy can be a lot of help. After all, it costs quite a bit less than actual health insurance policies by themselves, and covers a big chunk of possible injuries. Car accidents, after all, are one of the leading causes of death and injury among the population of the United States, so for some having coverage on their car insurance is all the medical that they really need–for emergencies, at least.

Not all states require you to have medical coverage, although some do, so before deciding whether or not it’s best for you, find out if you’re even allowed to opt out in your state. In no-fault states, you might be able to make your regular health insurance policy your primary provider, which could lower your premium quite a bit.

If you do already have health insurance, think about removing it or at least decreasing the amount of it on your insurance policy, because it isn’t really necessary. However, do keep in mind that medical payments coverage doesn’t usually come with an HMO or PPO.


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