Mini Van Front End Pulls to the Left

I just got a front end alignment on my Kia Sedona mini van but it still has a left pull more so on the freeway than in city driving. The Houston Kia dealer said the front end is perfect and nothing is wrong, but I am not convinced of that.


Hello Sherrie,

Since this vehicle is so new I am assuming the tires are still in good shape and not worn out nor has the vehicle been in a wreck or anything serious like that, correct?

The first thing I would look at would be the tire air pressure, make sure they are all even…and I believe your tires should be set to 35PSI, but check the sticker on the inside of the driver door for the correct tire pressures.

If the tire pressures are where they should be, I would have someone swap the left front and the right front tires around and see if that helps. Radial tires can cause “tire pull” even though the front end is in perfect alignment. Even brand new tires and tires which are in perfect balance and physical appearance can cause a tire pull.

It would be ideal if you could rotate the tires

Austin Davis

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