Most Affordable Car Insurance

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Reader Question

I bet you get tons of email questions so if you don’t have time to answer mine I totally understand. Just curious as if you might recommend an affordable car insurance company I can get a quote from?



Hey There Darnel,

Yes, I get TONS of email questions each day, but I personally answer them all. I am not an insurance agent, and I can’t really “recommend” one company over another to you either but I can tell you what I personally have.

I switched from Travelers insurance a few months back to Liberty Mutual. I was with Travelers for over 10 years, and SHOULD have been practicing what I preach to my readers, to compare rates every 2 years.

I had been paying a ton more than I should have been and switching saved me almost $580 a month in premiums. I also switched my house as well and combined with my auto policy.

Personally, Liberty Mutual was the most affordable car insurance quote I got from 5 carriers that I contacted and compared.

Will they be the same for you, I don’t know but try what I did and compare 5 companies.

You can start by using my free quote form, at the top of this page. Enter your zip code and my system will match local agents offering discounts to your immediate area. It works, and it is free and super fast.

Hope this helps some,


Austin Davis

Most Affordable Car Insurance

2 Responses to Most Affordable Car Insurance

  1. Austin Davis says:

    You are very welcome Armando, glad to help

  2. Armando says:

    Mr. Davis, thank you for making available a tool that can show us the most affordable car insurance by comparing companies, I bought my first used car and just signed my first insurance contract with a company that I chose by using your form, thank you for making it easy for us first time insurance buyers and for everyone else.

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