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Most expensive and cheapest cities for car insurance

It’s good for those who have auto insurance to hear that, nationwide, car insurance rates are increasing much less rapidly than they used to. In 2005, the increase was only 1.5%, which was the lowest amount in the last 5 years, and not too much has changed. However, in some cities the insured will find that they’re stuck with premiums much higher than the national average of $870. This figure is very ballpark and unspecific, coming from information gathered about newer and older cars, younger and older drivers, country and city folks. But people in some cities may be looking at premiums that cost up to six times as much.

The five most expensive cities when it comes to car insurance are as follows:

1. Detroit, with an average of over $5,000, more than six times the national average.
2. Philadelphia, whose average comes in just above four grand
3. Newark, New Jersey, at $3500
4. Los Angeles, with $3200
5. Finally, New York City, a just above $3000.

Whereas the cities with the least expensive car insurance premiums are:

1. Roanoke, Virginia, well below the national average with $750.
2. Wapakoneta, Ohio, just right at $870.
3. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Here, we’re just over $900.
4. Green Bay Wisconsin, slightly higher at $948
5. Raleigh,North Caroline, barely touching at $949.


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    I think I should move to Roanoke, Virginia..:p Thanks for the great info!