MSRP Sticker Explained

If you’re going to buy a new car, there are a few tricks of the trade that you need to watch out for. Car dealerships will often try to work under the table with a few things, try to outsmart you, because they think that you don’t know what you’re doing. If you know what is legal and what isn’t, and know what is offered by the competition, then you can avoid falling into the common traps that people fall into everyday when trying to buy a new car. You don’t want to get stuck paying a lot of money which you could have saved just by waiting a couple of days or spending ten minutes on the internet.

One of these tricks is taking the sticker with the MSRP price off the window of the car. You know this sticker, because you should have seen it on the window of every car you bought at a dealership. There’s a reason you see this everywhere. It’s because it is illegal to remove this sticker. There is a law that requires that all new cars have this sticker displayed. The only person that can take it off is you, the buyer.
If you go to buy a new car and see that the sticker isn’t there, you should report it to the office of the Attorney General in your area, because this is a serious infraction and it is done to perpetrate scams on innocent people out buying new cars. If the MSRP sticker isn’t there,you can’t really know what it has and just have to believe the dealer. One guy got suckered into paying fifteen hundred dollars for anti-lock brakes that his car didn’t actually have because there was no MSRP sticker. If you get into a situation like this, you can’t do anything, because verbal contracts mean nothing.


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