Mustang Shakes At Idle and Slow Speeds

Dear Sir – I have 155K miles on my Ford Mustang Gt Convertible and it has started to shake violently in idle and at low speeds when my foot lightens up on the accelerator. This shake is enough to rattle the windows, especially if they are down. Any idea of what this problem could be? Thank You.

Pastor Eric W.

Howdy Pastor Eric,

My first thought would be you probably have worn or broken engine and transmission mounts that are causing the vibration. With that mileage and your year model I would not be surprised at all if the rubber motor mounts have broken and need to be replaced.

You can probably get about any repair shop or fast lube place to inspect your mounts free of charge. You did not mention anything about the engine running bad, so I am assuming this is a vibration and not an engine miss or engine running problem.

Austin Davis

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