My Car Overheats Sometimes

My Honda Accord with about 260,000 miles starts overheating last summer while idled at lights or long periods. Can hear at least one fan kick on and brings it back down to normal temperature.

I see what looks like a smaller coolant puddle on ground possibly under water pump area. I’ve used bars head gasket repair which you just pour into radiator and run for 15 minutes. half bottle last summer and other half yesterday. seemed to helped with temp climbing so far, but still seeing small puddle and coolant smell.

I have not pressure tested yet due to starting new job and don’t need to make worse if possible. Should I just play it safe and replace water pump? thanks for any advice. awesome website!

Hey there,

I would get the pressure test to make SURE you know what is leaking. Could be the pump, or the lower radiator or an intake leak or many other things. Guessing usually costs more than diagnosing. Also make sure those radiator fans are coming on.

If it is the pump, replace the timing belt too while you are there.

Austin Davis

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  • Austin Davis

    You are welcome Roy. Yes a cooling system pressure test can sometimes find multiple small leaks that have been happening or help to find a small leak that might just be starting to show signs.

  • Roy

    I read your advice and I tried the pressure test to see what was leaking and it found 3 different leaks in my car, after performing the test I took my car to get repaired and I was sure of what the problem was thank to you, I trust me mechanic but actually knowing what was wrong gave me peace of mind. Thank you Austin!