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Car Won’t Start in Cold Weather


My car does not start when it is below freezing outside. If i use a hair dryer and blow hot air around the carburetor area, the car will start in 10 minutes. Do I have a problem with the fuel injectors or automatic choke or other?
Thanks, Gary

Hi there Gary

If you have an older vehicle with a carburetor you probably have a choke problem. If your vehicle is fuel injected, which just about all vehicles after 1987 are,then you are probably missing one of the key ingredients to start a gasoline
engine, fuel and spark.

I wonder if the time spent heating up the engine with the hair dryer is just a coincidence to the engine starting. You might have a weak fuel pump, and the time spent cranking the engine over, waiting then cranking again might be just enough time and effort needed to start the engine.

You might want to get someone to bang on the bottom of the fuel tank fuel pump is inside the tank on fuel injected vehicles) with their fist or rubber hammer or block of wood AS you crank the engine over.

This can help jump start a weak fuel pump on a fuel injected vehicle. It is starts; you probably need a new fuel pump. If it does not start I would next check to see if you have spark at the spark plugs. You have to be missing one or the other ..spark to the spark plugs or proper fuel pressure to
the engine.


Austin Davis

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