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My Car Won’t Start Just a Fast Clicking Noise From Under The Hood

OK, SO…..

Monday I went to start my car and it wouldnt turn over, after it tried it just would do the quick clicking when I would try, and the radio and lights were still working. I jumped it and drove it for 2 hours without a problem.

The next day, went to start it and it wouldnt, same thing, the real fast click click click click, so went to jump it again, and it won’t jump either. The lights and radio and windows will still work but barely. My car is a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, Should I start first with a new battery? If that doesnt work, is it the alternator?

Thank you so much for your time…
Emily in St.Louis


Howdy Emily,

You probably just have a bad battery. I would replace the battery and the two “battery bolts” that screw into the side of the battery and see what happens. You can get the battery and the bolts at any auto parts store…I prefer DELCO batteries, which is what the car came with from the factory…and has lasted almost 5 years, but they are more expensive than a battery you would get at Walmart….which MIGHT not last as long, or …….maybe it will.


Austin Davis

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