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My Christmas Present List

funny car picturesMy wife asked me what I would like to have this year for Christmas, so I came up with a few suggestions that I thought, repeat I thought were very good ones.

Everyone has a car right, ok maybe a few in desolate areas like Africa or Detroit don’t, but for the most part everyone that I know of has a car….just a plain old car, yuk how boring is that.


So, being the good husband that I am I came up with my Christmas present list, and to be totally honest I think it is pretty darn short list and not asking too much of her.

I want this car, or maybe just the paint job done to HER car so I can spot her car more easily in parking lots, at the mall or in the pick up the kids line at school.  Nothing too too fancy or over the top (I’m just not that way) but something that makes a statement.

So here it is honey!  I can’t wait for my birthday…I’ll start working on my present list now.


funny car pictures

Is this too much to ask for?  Please leave your comments and your Christmas present list below in the comment section and I will pass it on to her as well since she is feeling mighty generous today.



P.S this is what her car looks like now, not a big difference but will really help her car stand out in the crowd a little better don’t ya think?

funny car pictures

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