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My Engine Is Making a Funny Noise

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Greetings, Here is a question for you. I have a 99 Buick Century 3.1l V6 in the shop now for inspection. It is making a loud noise which I assumed to be under the driver’s seat area and to be an exhaust issue, but what do I know? I wrote a note to the mechanic telling him as much. He called to tell me that the engine is knocking really loudly. He said something inside the engine has collapsed. He suggested no tests or remedy but to add a Lucas product, baby it, and then unload it when we are ready. I have used 10W-30 oil. Could that be too light? I live in PA. He is not telling me I need an expensive repair, so he is not trying to rip me off. So, how do I process this info and proceed?
Thank you,

Hi there Scott

I would try to get more information from your mechanic about the noise. Is it from a rod or main bearing deep inside the engine or is it from on top o the engine like from a valve or lifter in which case the lubricating oil he recommends might actually help. If it’s from a rod or main bearing the engine is pretty much toast and will be very costly to repair.

I also would get another mechanic to listen to the noise and get their opinion if they think it is a lifter or top engine noise or a more costly bearing type noise. I would hate to see you junk the car for a noise that could be simple to repair.

A used engine might be a more cost effective method of repair if the noise is from a bearing or piston. $2500 or so. A valve job might be the worst case scenario for a lifter or valve type of noise on the top of the engine, $1000 or so.

Marvel Mystery Oil additive which is available at most auto parts stores would be a better additive than Lucas for a lifter or valve noise

Austin Davis

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