Honda Engine Keeps Overheating

By Austin Davis / December 19, 2012

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I have a Honda Civic.  The engine keeps overheating.  We have replaced the water pump, radiator, 1 hose going to the water pump and another hose going to the radiator.  Our mechanic said the old radiator had a crack in it and that the fan and thermostat are fine.  Any help is very appreciated.


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Usually over heating at freeway speeds is due to lack of coolant circulation in the engine, like a radiator restriction, air  pockets trapped inside the cooling system ( especially after a radiator replacement) or a kink in a radiator hose or something blocking airflow across the radiator

Overheating in traffic, stops or low speeds is usually due to a bad electric cooling fan motor, cooling fan relay not turning on the fan or air pockets in radiator

Make sure there are no coolant leaks, radiator is full, electric fan up at radiator is coming on at idle speeds and there is no air trapped in radiator.


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